Protecting the Gun Rights of Illegal Immigrants?

In Illinois, gun charges against an illegal immigrant were recently dropped, sparking both outrage and support from within the Second Amendment community. 

While individuals like Heriberto Carbajal-Flores, who was unlawfully in the United States, have seen leniency in their firearm possession cases, American citizens continue facing increasing scrutiny and restrictions on their Second Amendment rights. 

Many conservative gun advocates claim that the U.S. Constitution is only meant to protect the rights of U.S. Citizens, while more libertarian advocates argue that gun rights are god-given rights – and the Second Amendment isn’t required for protecting those rights.

Exacerbating the concerns within the Second Amendment community are actions taken by the Biden administration, continually attacking law-abiding American gun owners with pushes for universal gun registration under the guise of “expanded background checks” and bans on certain types of weapons. 

These measures disproportionately affect law-abiding Americans, while undocumented immigrants like Carbjal-Flores seem to receive more favorable treatment in similar situations.

As debates over immigration policy intersect with discussions on gun control, questions of equity and fairness in the application of regulations become increasingly prominent.

Ultimately, the dismissal of gun charges against an undocumented immigrant while the Biden administration continues targeting law-abiding gun owners serves as a reminder that Texans must remain vigilant and fight against every threat.

40 responses to “Protecting the Gun Rights of Illegal Immigrants?”

  1. Eddie Strange Avatar
    Eddie Strange

    Protect those who never lived, worked, or served in and for this country while taking direct aim at law abiding gun owners who have lived here their total life. Paid taxes, worked, and in some instances died for the way of life we have earned.

  2. Michael Goebel Avatar
    Michael Goebel

    Biden is a traitor pupper of Obama and the NWO.
    Execute him.

  3. Michael Pimentel Avatar
    Michael Pimentel

    The choice to defend oneself is a God given Right for all persons. And this right includes “arms”, of all types. As soon as you move 2A away from God given, it will be lost forever.

  4. Pete Tobias Avatar
    Pete Tobias

    It’s obvious that the Biden Administration is hell bent on disarming Americans while arming illegal immigrants whom are not citizens of America. All of America needs to wake up & protect America from the leftists liberal democrat Marxist communists

  5. Rob Avatar

    “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” – Thomas Paine

    As I’ve said a gazillion times, rights apply to everyone, or they apply to no one. There is no middle ground. They then become privileges bestowed upon the favored. A perfect test to see who truly believes in the 2A and who does not.

  6. Joseph A Guyton Avatar
    Joseph A Guyton

    These treasonous officials need to be tried for treason! Supporting ILLEGAL ALIENS, is just like going against every United States Citizen! We should also deport those who supported this atrocity to our Republic!

  7. Ray S. "The Old Marine Sgt." Avatar

    I don’t even need to read the article to know what I must say. The Constitution of the USA is for American Born Citizens as well as for aliens who are here legally, and invited guests. There are NO rights or priviledges for those who came into the States illigally, and that especially includes voting and carrying arms; since I am on this I will also include medical care. We are not the policemen of the world, or the breadbasket of the world, and we owe nobody except our citizens the freedoms and care within the framework of our laws and Constitution. As far as I am concerned Gov. Abbott needs to issue a writ authorizing Texans to go to our border armed and loaded for bear; and if illegals don’t stop or turn around and go back to Mexico or wherever they came from, then we open fire above their heads first, if they continue to attempt crossing the river, the next volley of rounds will be the ones that are well aimed at illegal targets. I know this sounds harsh, but we are being invaded and many of them if not most are armed and dangerous. The only way without a wall to stop and invasion is with a wall of bullets.

  8. Marjorie CAmpbell Avatar
    Marjorie CAmpbell

    Biden and friends should all be bannned and removed from office

  9. Larry Cates Avatar

    This is so unconscionable that illegals get better treatment than US citizens. This country will be a third-world sh_thole before we know it if Democrats remain in charge. I’m sure that President Donald Trump will correct this when he gets back in the White House.

  10. Wallace Freeman Avatar
    Wallace Freeman

    Let’s read the relevant law in the matter of exactly who has a right to keep and bear arms. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Are illegals people? If so, the law says they can keep and bear arms without legal interference. If not, the laws of this country afford them neither rights nor duties.

  11. Michael Rumbaugh Avatar
    Michael Rumbaugh

    I’m almost 79 years old & this administration is the most corrupt, divisive & vindictive that I’ve ever seen. The Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper to be burned & the rights & freedoms of citizens destroyed. We are living in a 3rd World Country today. FJB

  12. Robert Avatar

    When I was an Illinois resident I had to have in my possession an Illinois Firearms ID card to touch ammo or a firearm. Some gun stores would check them at the door for entry. They had to recheck them to purchase a firearm. I had to have one to apply for a concealed carry permit. Both required finger prints and back ground checks and fees. What a mess.

  13. Roger Newcomb Avatar
    Roger Newcomb

    According to ATF Form 4473, which must be completed prior to purchasing a firearm from a dealer, aliens in the US unlawfully are prohibited from purchasing or receiving a firearm. That means that the Illinois court ignored Federal Law!

  14. Charles Collins Avatar
    Charles Collins

    Illegals have no rights. Constitutional rights are guaranteed to American citizens not criminal.illegal aliens

    1. Damon Yonruolf Avatar
      Damon Yonruolf

      I agree , we pass a background check, have identification. Illegal aliens should be deported if they are afraid to be here.

    2. Walton Prosen Avatar
      Walton Prosen

      That sounds good and sounds like it should be correct, however, unfortunately it is not correct. I researched how and why illegal immigrants have access to constitutional rights and I was surprised to find out that US Citizenship is not required to access and have constitutional rights. The requirement for constitutional rights is simply to have and maintain residence within the US borders. There were NO actual US citizens when the constitution was written only Inhabitants within the borders. Check it out unfortunately I’m correct on this. I wish I wasn’t.

    3. SteveB Avatar

      I agree with 100%!

    4. denis mac Avatar
      denis mac

      Right. So many that have come here are from countries not friendly – in other words terrorist and communist countries as well as gang members.

    5. Elise Smith Avatar
      Elise Smith

      I totally agree. While the libertarian minded may define the Gun Rights as God given, and our founding fathers made sure this is spelled out in the Constitution, if one breaks a law as important as lawful immigration, one should NOT have the right to carry a gun. Where did he get the gun to begin with?

    6. Tommy Lunceford Avatar

      Illegals are just that. Should be deported and not allowed to possess a firearm!

  15. Toppy Cohen Avatar
    Toppy Cohen

    The liberal judges are wrecking this country on things like this! When you fill out the gun application if you are a citizen if not your denied. Otherwise why is it on there. Can’t imagine all the illegals running around owning guns period.

  16. joan olcott Avatar
    joan olcott


  17. Michael Smith Avatar

    As a retired Texas, Police Officer I will not comply with any Communist Democrat imposing stricter gun laws while George Soros bought and paid for Unconstitutional Communist DA’S, JUDGES, MAYOR’S, GOVERNORS and ATTORNEYS. I support TXGR in trusting the 2nd Amendment rights to own a firearm to protect one’s self and family.
    My message to the snowflakes is; if you don’t think you’re going to be protected by the Communist Democrats and Rinos in Washington DC, then you are sadly mistaken, they’ll turn their backs on you and protect all the Illegals.
    The Communist in Washington DC, are pushing full steam to destroy America before the 2024 election and the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment is designed to
    destroy Tyranny and that’s what Americans are facing since Joe Biden stole the election.
    We The People can’t take another 6 months of the Communist Democrats and Rinos its imperative that We The People have to remove the Communist in Washington DC, and vote President Trump back into office in order to get America back on track. If the 2024 election is stolen and the Communist in Washington DC, declare victory once more then we can kiss America goodbye forever.! Is that what we want? If that happens Texas, should secede without hesitation.

  18. Billy D Richardson Avatar
    Billy D Richardson

    THIS is the kind of garbage the Biden/Obama Regime is pushing. DO NOT vote for another Democrat until they qualify as true Americans who are in office to serve and protect real Americans. Today they cannot qualify as true Americans.

  19. Fred Sutch Avatar
    Fred Sutch

    I very simply agree!!!!

  20. Richard Minter Avatar
    Richard Minter

    Illegals should have no constitutional rights.

  21. Richard Minter Avatar
    Richard Minter

    Illegals should have no constitutional rights. That is for citizens. We are loosing our rights as illegals gain more than we have.

  22. Charles Homan Avatar
    Charles Homan

    Read this twice and still dont believe it! Only one question. What has happened to this country?

  23. Byron Beddo Avatar
    Byron Beddo

    God did not grant us the right to carry firearms. He did however grant the right to protect ourselves. The fathers of this country granted us ( US Citizens ) the right to carry firearms. All non-citizens, NO. Biden is working toward the day when Americans cry out to him to save us. We should be crying out to God to save us, but until that day comes, my family and I will carry to protect ourselves.

  24. Sam B Ligon Avatar
    Sam B Ligon

    YOU’ve got to be kidding?!!!! illegal immigrants have gun rights? NO THEY DON’T ! i can’t go to Mexico or any other country and have”protected rights”. Somebody’s operating with out a brain to say or think illegal immigrants have ANY RIGHTS TO OWN OR POSSESS A FIRE ARM!

  25. Sam B Ligon Avatar
    Sam B Ligon

    YOU”ve got to be kidding?!!!! Illegal immigrants have gun rights? NO THEY DON’T ! I can’t go to Mexico or any other country and have “protected rights”.Somebody’s operating with out a brain to say or think illegal immigrants have ANY RIGHTS TO OWN OR POSSESS A FIRE ARM!

  26. Michael Avatar

    This criminal alien used his firearm to shoot at moving vehicles during the “summer of love” because he was afraid people were going to come into “his neighborhood” and cause trouble. There was no immediate threat to his life. No one was confronting him and threatening him.

    Yet, not only did the judge decide that he was “legally” within his right to own a firearm as a criminal alien, no charges were filed against him for unlawfully discharging his firearm at moving vehicles.

    He got away with multiple crimes which I can only assume means the judge was ideologically and politically motivated to let him off.

    The BIG L libertarians would see their country burn to the ground in the name of what is basically just a sort DEI version on the right. They want the same rights we are afforded in our constitution to be handed to anyone who crosses our border whether legally or not.

    If millions of military aged male criminal aliens arrived from China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, and every other country that hates us, the BIG L libertarians would gladly pass out rifles, handguns, and ammo to this diverse group on the basis of equity and inclusivity for all.

    This is basically why they never gain the support of the people even in the age of social media. Because some of their positions are simply idiotic to say the least.

  27. andrew nauert Avatar

    what part of the phrase “illegal” , do all of these people not comprehend . The government tries their best to whittl away any and all firearm rights of actual citizens , all while allowing illegals to do whatever they want , then we pay for their ride back to wherever. Makes very little sense

  28. Glenn Arnold Avatar
    Glenn Arnold

    We all know why the racist Obama-appointed judge rendered the decision she made; simply to thwart as much as possible the Bruen decision. The decision is as fraudulent as gun control itself; if an illegal alien was not present where he/she is not supposed to be then his/her rights would not be violated. I submit for that simple reason the decision is moot and a mistake of law at best. However, to flip the communist script on those that so desperately deserve it the most, WE THE PEOPLE need to manipulate this to our benefit at every twist and turn possible and imaginable so hopefully this will begin the end of the gun control narrative instead of strengthening it.

  29. E. John Schumacher Avatar
    E. John Schumacher


  30. Eddie Hyer Avatar
    Eddie Hyer

    Hell Biteme an bunch of Democrats have everything they are involved with backwards remember they want to controll the USA people an make slaves out of us an give illegals whatever for a vote

  31. James Ogilvie Avatar
    James Ogilvie

    If we do not stop the communist left DEMOCRATS and the asinine puppet Biden NOW — soon the Country will be lost and done We can’t wait till the NOV Democratic election to hang all theme or we AMERICANS are just disloyal as them.

  32. Robert Theriot Avatar
    Robert Theriot

    If in fact illegal aliens have rights then the word illegal has no meaning just as many other words used improperly by members of the Biden Administration.

  33. El Paladin Avatar
    El Paladin

    We have illegal, trained, soldier-terrorists down here in Texas, entering, daylight hours, w/ their weapons; how bad it is! Just the red chinese, some 1400 entered, in about 17 days, very recent! (Not sure how many of these were armed). Since our traitor-leaders won’t disarm them, we shall add them, as more targets of opportunity! We’ll start w/ the slavers, w/ their very young, drugged, bound, women-girls in-tow, for sale here, move on to the red chinese, fentanyl-mule troops, the russkies, Syrians, African Jihadies,……take it from there.

  34. Gary Sheppard Avatar
    Gary Sheppard

    The fact that they are illegal means that they are criminals and as such it is illegal on the face of it to own a gun.

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