Soros-Backed District Attorneys: A Threat to Second Amendment and Law and Order

In an alarming trend that threatens the very fabric of American justice and gun rights, billionaire George Soros has been strategically funding campaigns of district attorneys across the nation, fostering a legal landscape hostile to Second Amendment freedoms and lenient on crime.

Soros, known for his substantial financial backing of progressive causes, has turned his attention to local district attorney races. By injecting substantial funding into these races, Soros is effectively handpicking legal authorities who align with his anti-gun and soft-on-crime ideologies. This maneuver undermines the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners while empowering criminals through relaxed prosecution standards.

These Soros-backed DAs are wielding their power to challenge the Second Amendment indirectly. They are enforcing laws in ways that penalize lawful gun owners, particularly those who use firearms in self-defense. This approach effectively chills the exercise of gun rights, as gun owners face the threat of aggressive legal action for legitimate self-defense actions.

In cities like Philadelphia, San Francisco, and others, Soros’s influence is evident in the election of DAs like Larry Krasner and Chesa Boudin. Their policies have led to a surge in crime and a decrease in prosecution rates for serious offenses, creating a climate of lawlessness while they pursue aggressive actions against gun owners.

The case of Mark and Patricia McCloskey in St. Louis is a glaring example. After brandishing firearms to defend their property against a mob, the couple faced felony charges brought forth by Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, whose campaign received significant support from Soros-backed groups. This prosecution starkly contrasts with Gardner’s record of declining to prosecute scores of violent criminals.

Similarly, in Texas, Sgt. Daniel Perry faced murder charges for acting in self-defense against a mob, prosecuted by Jose Garza, a Travis County DA who also benefited from Soros’s funding. The message is clear: lawful gun use in self-defense is under scrutiny, while criminal acts are increasingly tolerated.

The high-profile trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted on all charges, is yet another instance where Soros’s influence is discernible. Rittenhouse faced murder charges for defending himself during riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, highlighting the aggressive prosecution tactics against those who lawfully defend themselves with firearms.

These developments are not just isolated incidents but are part of a broader strategy to erode the Second Amendment rights from within the judicial system. By backing district attorneys who prioritize gun control and criminal leniency, Soros is effectively reshaping the legal landscape in a way that endangers public safety and infringes upon the constitutional rights of American citizens.

This trend underscores the importance of vigilance and active participation in local elections, as the choices made in district attorney races have far-reaching implications for gun rights and public safety. The Second Amendment, a fundamental pillar of American liberty, faces an unprecedented threat not just from legislative efforts but also from a concerted effort to transform the judicial system at the local level.

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