Record Number of American Households Report Gun Ownership, Survey Reveals

A recent NBC News survey has unveiled a significant rise in American households reporting gun ownership, reaching a record high of 52%. This latest figure marks a substantial increase from the 42% reported in 2013 and is up from 46% in 2019. The survey’s findings indicate a steady growth in firearm ownership rates across the United States over the past decade.

One of the most notable trends highlighted by the survey is the increasing rate of gun ownership among the Black community. This rise in firearm ownership has been particularly evident during the Coronavirus Pandemic, as government lockdowns and widespread civil unrest, including the Black Lives Matter riots, have fueled a surge in gun sales. Many citizens, feeling uncertain about their safety amid the chaotic social and political landscape, have turned to firearms for personal protection.

The survey also sheds light on the public’s divided opinion regarding government regulation of firearms. Approximately 48% of respondents expressed concern that the government will not do enough to regulate access to firearms. In contrast, a nearly equal proportion of respondents (47%) believe that the government will overreach in its efforts to restrict gun rights.

This apprehension about government overreach is being substantiated by the ongoing actions of the Biden Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Recent initiatives to ban pistol stabilizing braces and forced reset triggers have raised alarms among gun rights advocates. The Biden-ATF’s latest move to prohibit all private firearm sales has only intensified these concerns. Such measures are seen by many as direct assaults on the Second Amendment and the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

In response to these aggressive regulatory efforts, Texas Gun Rights, a prominent pro-gun advocacy group, has been actively involved in legal challenges against the Biden Administration and the ATF. The organization has already achieved notable successes, securing preliminary injunctions in two lawsuits – one against the ban on forced reset triggers and another on the ban on pistol stabilizing braces. These legal victories have protected its members from the enforcement of these controversial bans.

With the looming threat of a ban on private firearm sales, Texas Gun Rights is gearing up for another legal battle. The group has vowed to file a lawsuit if the Biden-ATF proceeds with this latest regulatory measure. Their commitment to challenging what they view as unconstitutional infringements on gun rights remains unwavering.

As the debate over gun control continues to polarize the nation, the findings of the NBC News survey provide a clear indication of the growing importance of gun ownership in American society. With record numbers of households now owning firearms, the issue of gun rights is set to remain a central topic in national discourse, influencing policy decisions and shaping the future of the Second Amendment.

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  1. mgoode Avatar

    Why, how and where are “households reporting gun ownership”? NBC???? They would not contact me. And if they did I would lie to them.
    Ergo, gun ownership is under-reported and the people concerned that government is under-regulating gun ownership are over-reported.

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