Poll: Bruen Decision Wildly Popular Among Americans

In a revelation that solidifies the American public’s stance on the Second Amendment, a new Marquette Law School poll has uncovered robust support for the Supreme Court’s historic Bruen decision. Conducted from February 5th to the 15th, the survey found that an overwhelming 64 percent of Americans either strongly or somewhat support the decision, echoing similar levels of approval found in polls from November 2023 and September of the previous year.

The Bruen decision, a monumental ruling by the Supreme Court in 2022, struck down “may issue” carry laws that allowed states to require individuals to demonstrate a specific need to carry a concealed firearm in public. This landmark case has been celebrated as a significant victory for Second Amendment advocates, ensuring that the right to carry firearms for self-defense is recognized as a fundamental American liberty.

This latest poll showcases broad bipartisan support for the Bruen ruling, with 87 percent of Republicans, 61 percent of independents, and even 45 percent of Democrats in favor of the decision. The ruling’s backing cuts across various demographics, including gender, education, income, and race, underscoring the deep-rooted belief among Americans in the constitutional right to bear arms.

Notably, the decision enjoys majority support across nearly every demographic surveyed, with the exception of Democrats, self-identified liberals, and those identifying as neither male nor female. However, even within these groups, a substantial portion recognizes the importance of the Bruen decision in protecting individual gun rights.

Despite ongoing debates and legislative challenges to the Second Amendment across states, the Marquette poll signals a clear and consistent endorsement of the Supreme Court’s efforts to uphold gun rights as enshrined in the Constitution. The widespread approval of the Bruen decision underscores a national consensus on the importance of protecting the right to self-defense and carrying firearms in public.

As the nation continues to navigate the complexities of gun control legislation, the Marquette Law School’s findings offer a potent reminder of the American people’s steadfast commitment to preserving the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. This poll not only celebrates the Bruen decision’s positive impact on gun rights but also highlights the enduring value Americans place on their constitutional liberties.

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  1. Doug Avatar

    The two greatest documents ever conceived & written down by man are, The Constitution of the USA & The Bill of Rights. Our fore fathers knew that in order for men in our society to stay free, they needed to keep the right to bear arms. They had seen the tyranny against a society that is not armed is a society that will be subjugated to the whims of the government. “Without” the 2nd Amendment we will have no Freedoms !!!!

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