Paxton Sues Anti-Gun Businesses for Restricting Carry

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed lawsuits against five Texas businesses, four of which are prominent venues in North Texas.

The targeted establishments are The Factory in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie, Meow Wolf in Grapevine, The Lucky Duck in San Antonio, and the State Fair of Texas.

These actions underline Paxton’s commitment to upholding the safety and security of Texans, challenging policies that prevent off-duty officers from carrying their firearms on these premises.

Citing the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure article 2.1305, Paxton’s lawsuits argue that restricting off-duty peace officers from carrying authorized weapons not only contravenes state law but also endangers public safety by limiting the officers’ capacity to respond to criminal activities. This legal stance reinforces the principle that peace officers, whether on or off duty, play a vital role in crime prevention and public protection.

Despite receiving prior assurances from these businesses that they would adhere to Texas law, continued complaints from peace officers have necessitated legal action. Paxton’s office is now aggressively seeking enforcement of the law, with penalties amounting to a $1,000 fine for each violation, in addition to attorney fees and court costs.

Chris McNutt, President of Texas Gun Rights, commended Paxton’s decisive measures, stating, “Attorney General Paxton’s firm stance in defending the rights of peace officers to carry their firearms off-duty is not just a win for our officers but for the safety of all Texans. We stand with Paxton in this fight and continue to advocate for the elimination of gun-free zones for all individuals, which only serve as criminal safety zones, putting innocent lives at risk.”

Texas Gun Rights supports Paxton’s position, emphasizing the broader goal of abolishing gun-free zones statewide. The organization argues that these areas inadvertently create vulnerable targets for criminal activities, underlining the need for legislation that allows law-abiding citizens and officers to protect themselves and others, regardless of their location.

Paxton’s lawsuits send a clear message to businesses and venues across Texas: the rights of off-duty peace officers to carry firearms for public safety must be respected. As the legal battle unfolds, it underscores the ongoing debate over gun rights and public safety in Texas, with Paxton and Texas Gun Rights at the forefront of advocating for policies that enhance the security and freedom of all Texans.

19 responses to “Paxton Sues Anti-Gun Businesses for Restricting Carry”

  1. Pete Tobias Avatar
    Pete Tobias

    AG Paxton is 100% correct in filing suit against these anti gun advocates. These anti gun people will cut & run should America be attacked as that in the current war in the Ukraine. Texas can do without these businesses..

    1. Charlie Burnes Avatar
      Charlie Burnes


  2. Deborah McCarter Avatar
    Deborah McCarter

    Thank you,Sir, but What about HEB stores?

  3. Deborah McCarter Avatar
    Deborah McCarter

    This is my first comment re: lawsuits. Thank you,Sir, but What about HEB stores?

  4. Patriot 01 Avatar
    Patriot 01

    AG Paxton is right in sueing these anti gun businesses, off duty law enforcement officers have a right to carry firearms anywhere in Texas, sue the anti gun socialist businesses out of Texas

  5. Mr.H Avatar

    That’s all fine and good, because these anti-constitutional institutions NEED to be sued. But I have a BIG problem with restricting these suits to ONLY “law enforcement” officials. Once again, we find government picking winners and losers in observing or denying CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Statistics show over and over again that handgun license carriers are MORE law abiding (and commit fewer crimes) than even POLICE officers. If any lawsuits are filed by the Great State of Texas against constitution and state law violators, then LICENSED HANDGUN holders should be included WITH “off-duty officers”.

    1. John G Avatar
      John G

      Totally agree. We have the freedom and right to carry and defend ourselves and our families

    2. C. Pat &. Joyce M. Lewellyn Avatar
      C. Pat &. Joyce M. Lewellyn


    3. Gary Nilson Avatar
      Gary Nilson

      I agree with Mr. H! He puts the issue of restricting all licensed carriers on the table to be protected as much as off duty officers. The more law abiding licensed handgun carriers are allowed to exercise their rights, the safer the public will be every where they are allowed to do so.

  6. Jerry Brenner Avatar
    Jerry Brenner

    I agree with the second post.
    Licensed carriers should be included with off duty officers. This, I’m sure will require a change in the law. Deserves serious consideration!

  7. DavidG Avatar

    Good on ya! But, I also believe legal gun owners in this State MUST NOT BE RESTRICTED in carrying concealed or open carry in these businesses. You should modify the suit to include all of us. Safety is very much at risk given the invasion of military aged men into our state, who just stormed our forces at El Paso. We need ALL HANDS ON DECK!!

  8. Big Johnson Avatar
    Big Johnson

    All Law abiding Citizens Should NEVER Be restricted from carrying any place in the United States.
    The State of Texas should NOT allow businesses to enforce their restrictions just like businesses should never be allowed to require face mask or vaccines.

  9. John E. Montemayor Avatar
    John E. Montemayor

    Yes Sir I am a law biding citizen serve serve 6 years in the United States Military with two years in Vietnam and stand firm that we should be able to carry with Handgun License to protect our self and family in come the need. Texas should continue to be one of them State.
    Mr. John E. Montemayor Date 04 6 1924

  10. John E. Montemayor Avatar
    John E. Montemayor

    I stand for The Handgun License to carry for all Law biding citizens.

  11. tom b. Avatar
    tom b.

    I agree With Mr. H. Licensed Handgun holders do have RIGHTS to.

  12. lynn Avatar

    I agree that someone who has gone through the hoops to get a concealed carry license, especially Veterans is a best asset to have in a bad situation. They should be included in the concealed carry suit.

  13. William E Johnson Avatar
    William E Johnson

    While I find Paxton’s actions viable, he should NOT restrict it to only off-duty cops, but to all Texans under the 2nd Amendment. (See Justice Browns opinion in Morrissey v. Brewer (1972) about Laws targeting selective groups, i.e., gun bearers, illegal). The Constitution is for everyone, not just off-duty law enforcement officers.

  14. Charley Fair Avatar
    Charley Fair

    I agree with Mr.H !

  15. Charlie Burnes Avatar
    Charlie Burnes


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