NRA A+ rated governor Bill Lee pushes for Red Flag Laws in Tennessee

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has called for a special session on gun control. The catalyst? A tragic incident where a woman who identifies as a man brutally murdered six people, including three young children, at a Christian school.

As with every shooting that makes national headlines, the calls for unconstitutional and ineffective gun controls began shortly after. As part of this particular gun control push, gun grabbers on both the left and right are proposing the implementation of so-called “red flag laws.” 

Red flag laws, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, and similarly named laws would empower judges to take away an individual’s right to possess firearms under certain conditions. On the surface, it may sound reasonable to prevent potentially dangerous individuals from having access to firearms, but let’s take a closer look.

Red flag laws represent a grave violation of our constitutional rights, particularly the 14th Amendment. Every American citizen deserves due process, plain and simple. But under these laws, a judge can strip away your Second Amendment rights without you having committed any crime. They can do so based solely on the assumption that you might be a risk to yourself or others. That is a direct attack on our fundamental liberties.

Let’s walk through a hypothetical scenario to grasp the implications. Imagine you’re going through a difficult breakup, and your ex-girlfriend decides to make false accusations against you. She claims that you threatened to harm her or yourself, even though there’s no evidence or probable cause to support her claims. Under red flag laws, that alone could be enough for a judge to issue an order, effectively taking away your right to bear arms. And the worst part? You may not even get a proper hearing to defend yourself or the chance to cross-examine your accuser, which directly infringes upon your Sixth Amendment rights.

The most recent push for red flag laws should concern gun owners everywhere, as these aren’t being passed solely in leftist sanctuaries. The most recent push to pass this bad policy is in conservative Tennessee, where the Republican Governor, Bill Lee, is calling a special legislative session to pass red flag laws. We’ll see if his fellow republicans in the house and senate fall in line.

Essentially, these laws place the burden of proof on the accused to demonstrate, beyond clear and convincing evidence, that they’re not a danger to themselves or others. Can you believe that? Innocent until proven guilty is a fundamental principle of our justice system, yet red flag laws turn that principle on its head.

We cannot allow our rights to be trampled upon in the name of misguided safety measures. These red flag laws are ripe for abuse and can easily be weaponized against law-abiding citizens. Imagine a neighbor or acquaintance harboring ill will towards you and deciding to make false claims to authorities. That alone could be enough to trigger a court order that strips you of your Second Amendment rights, all without any substantial evidence or proper judicial scrutiny.

As proud Americans, we must protect the core tenets of our Constitution. 

So, patriots, it’s up to us to stand firm and vocalize our concerns about these dangerous red flag laws. Let’s unite in defense of our Constitution, our due process rights, and our Second Amendment freedoms. Together, we can ensure that the rights of law-abiding Americans are safeguarded and that we continue to live in a nation where liberty thrives.

4 responses to “NRA A+ rated governor Bill Lee pushes for Red Flag Laws in Tennessee”

  1. R. Earl Avatar
    R. Earl

    I have said for years that the Left has no intention of negating just the 2nd Amendment. I have also said for years that if ONE supposed constitutionally protected right can be tossed aside in any way, shape, or form so can and so WILL all others. First Amendment protection of religion and free expression are under full assault. Red Flag laws, as indicted above, are direct assaults on 4th and 6th Amendment protections! For all practical purposes the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights are being relegated to lip service to make them appear still relevant.

  2. walter Avatar

    politicians sit their fat over stuffed chairs wringing their hands and bawling for more gun control. we already gave all the laws on the books of man and God. Have the back bone to enforce them.Stop trying to appear relevant with all your useless efforts!

  3. Ed Parker Taddeo Avatar
    Ed Parker Taddeo

    You folks in Tennessee ought to be working to REMOVE Gov Bill Lee from office, and all NRA members will be vocal toward the NRA for
    such a rating of Gov. Lee who is in my opinion, a RINO ( I call them traitors ).

  4. Patricia S. Summers Avatar
    Patricia S. Summers

    we Vote them in, We can vote them out!

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