Gun Rights Under Assault: Ninth Circuit Court Sidesteps Pro-Gun Decisions

In an unsettling series of events for Second Amendment champions, it appears the pendulum of gun rights is being deliberately swung against the American citizen.

Recently, gun rights took a blow as the Supreme Court greenlighted the ATF’s enforcement of its contentious “ghost gun” regulation, pushing the actual court judgment to a later date.

But the ripples didn’t stop there. In an unprecedented move, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is circling the idea of a full-court review on California’s open carry ban challenge.

Astoundingly, this consideration is on the table even though the Golden State hasn’t put forth a formal request for such a hearing.

The undercurrents of these decisions hint at a larger narrative. Some may say, “It’s just bureaucracy in action,” but the deeper implications of these choices are hard to dismiss.

The foundations of our republic, enshrined in the Constitution, are clear about the Second Amendment: It exists as a check against the might and overreach of the government.

The Framers of our Constitution envisioned a populace capable of defending its freedoms. Yet, it seems, we’re witnessing a painstaking effort to reshape and dilute this very narrative.

For decades, bureaucratic machinations have attempted to paint the Second Amendment as nothing more than a provision for state militias or, at best, a nod towards hunting rights. This is a stark departure from its true intent – the recognition of the inherent right of every American to self-defense.

If the actions of the Ninth Circuit Court and the ATF enforcement green light are anything to go by, it’s clear that certain segments within our government are threatened by the freedoms the Second Amendment guarantees. The underlying message? A ‘free state’ seems to be more of an abstract idea to them, rather than a tangible right every American citizen is entitled to.

As we witness these unfolding events, it’s crucial to remember what’s at stake: the fundamental right of Americans to bear arms, a right ensuring the security of a free state.

As politicians and bureaucrats double down on their efforts to curb these rights, it’s a telling reminder of the constant battle to preserve the freedoms our Founders intended for us – even in the post Bruen era.

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  1. Jerry. Fair Avatar
    Jerry. Fair

    Despicable people at work against the constitution!

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