Don’t Believe the Hype: Firearms Are NOT the Leading Cause of Death in Children

The Biden White House’s recent push for firearm storage laws is raising concerns among gun owners about potential disarmament implications. This initiative, part of a broader effort to address gun violence, cites firearms as the leading cause of death among children in America. However, this claim is subject to dispute, particularly regarding the definition of ‘children’ and the inclusion of gang-related violence and justifiable self-defense cases.

The administration’s stance is that enforcing strict firearm storage laws will significantly reduce gun-related deaths among minors. However, critics argue that the statistics used to support this claim are misleading. For individuals under 18, data shows that vehicle-related deaths surpass those caused by firearms. Moreover, the administration’s reports include deaths resulting from justifiable self-defense, where firearms were used lawfully to protect oneself or others.

Another point of contention is the classification of gang members up to 18 years of age as ‘children’ in these statistics. This inclusion skews the data, given that a significant portion of firearm-related deaths involves gang-related activities. Additionally, 20% of firearm deaths are homicides involving 16, 17, and 18-year-old gang members, further complicating the narrative of a gun violence epidemic among children.

Furthermore, the issue of abortion is often overlooked in these discussions. Critics point out that abortion remains the leading cause of death among children in America, a fact often ignored by those advocating for stricter gun control measures.

The proposed mandatory storage laws also neglect to consider the broader context of rising crime rates. Critics highlight that recent increases in violence are not solely attributable to firearms but are also a result of budget cuts to police departments, bail reform, and the mass release of inmates during the pandemic. These factors have contributed to higher crime rates across all age groups, not just among minors.

The focus on gun control, particularly mandatory storage laws, fails to address the root causes of increased violence. While such laws might potentially reduce the number of firearm suicides, they could also diminish the effectiveness of firearms for self-defense. Approximately 40% of all firearm deaths are self-inflicted suicides, suggesting that the issue of gun violence is more complex than often portrayed.

Gun owners and Second Amendment advocates are voicing their concerns that mandatory storage laws might lead to an effective disarmament, hindering their ability to use firearms for lawful protection. This worry is exacerbated by the broader narrative of a gun violence pandemic, which they argue is based on misleading statistics and a failure to address the real drivers of crime.

4 responses to “Don’t Believe the Hype: Firearms Are NOT the Leading Cause of Death in Children”

  1. Wm Woodward Avatar
    Wm Woodward

    The last data I saw had suicides at approximately 66%. If your 40% was for individuals under 18 then that figure might be correct!

  2. Aaron Avatar

    It worked for disarming Australia so of the course the Democratic Communists will try anything to disarm the population. Democrats always mean the opposite of what they say and not to be trusted. The true Democratic Party died with John F Kennedy.

  3. Marjorie Ferrell Avatar
    Marjorie Ferrell

    I had no idea that self-inflected deaths with guns was SO high, 40%. Where could I search for stat in government reports ? Thanks.

  4. Pete Avatar

    I don’t believe or trust this government, they just want to push their political agenda.

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