Biden’s War On Gun Owners: More Than Just Rogue Dealers in the Crosshairs

The Biden administration, under the pretext of curbing gun violence, appears to have embarked on a sweeping campaign that goes far beyond reigning in rogue gun dealers. Instead, the emerging evidence suggests that the administration’s policies are squarely aimed at all gun dealers, manifesting what many perceive as a full-fledged assault on gun owners and Second Amendment rights.

Spearheading this campaign are the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), whom many gun rights advocates are now dubbing as Biden’s foot soldiers. Their latest maneuver? A push towards a Universal Gun Registration scheme by significantly widening the definition of a “dealer in firearms.”

To understand the gravity of this, let’s delve into the details. Historically, a “dealer in firearms” was primarily someone whose livelihood was tethered to the sale of firearms. With the ATF’s proposed revision, even those selling just a handful of firearms annually could be encompassed within this definition. This paints a troubling picture where even an individual parting with a few firearms from their personal collection might be legally bound to conduct background checks and maintain records, with the inherent risk of that information ending up in expansive government databases.

For those wondering about the potential repercussions of gun registration, one only needs to turn the pages of history. Superficially, gun registration might appear benign, an innocuous measure to keep track of firearms. However, with a registered list, the government not only knows who owns firearms but also their whereabouts. This database has historically been the initial step towards more draconian measures.

Indeed, history stands as a witness to the fact that registration often paves the way for confiscation. From the tumultuous periods in Europe to dark chapters in Asia, governments have utilized gun registration lists as the starting point to strip their citizens of firearms, effectively removing a vital check and balance against potential governmental overreach.

The direction the Biden administration is taking, with the ATF as its vanguard, seems more about consolidating control and less about genuine concerns over public safety. The message emanating from these policy shifts is unequivocal: it’s not merely the rogue dealers under scrutiny; it’s every law-abiding citizen who believes in their Second Amendment rights.

As we tread these uncharted waters, the importance of safeguarding not just the right to bear arms, but the very essence of American freedom, becomes paramount. With the definition of “dealer” undergoing radical transformation and the looming specter of Universal Gun Registration, the battle lines for gun rights and civil liberties are being redrawn.

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  1. Lady Avatar

    Of course O’Biden is just parroting what his puppet masters told him to say. All the alphabet agencies are unconstitutional and should be done away with immediately. These Fascists are trying to provok us. All I can say is ammo up and lock and load. At last this regime has proven that they are the enemies of America and Americans and should be treated accordingly. This is our country and we may have to stand and fight for both.

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