Top Ten Reasons Gun Control Doesn’t Work

In an era of impassioned debates and polarized opinions, the topic of gun control often takes center stage. For many, tighter regulations seem like a logical step towards a safer society. However, history, human nature, and ground realities present a far more nuanced picture. Diving beyond the surface, here are the top ten straight-shooting reasons why gun control might not be the silver bullet solution many hope for.

10.) Perfection is a Myth. With a gun-to-citizen ratio close to 1:1 in the U.S., the horse has bolted. Reining in all those weapons? A pipe dream. Even if they tried, those truly wanting guns would get them, one way or another.

9.) Laws on Deaf Ears. Chicago, with its tight gun rules, still earned the FBI’s “Murder Capital” title. Laws deter the lawful, not the lawless.

8.) Did Prohibition Really Dry Up Alcohol? Just as bootleggers thrived then, a gun ban would just birth a booming underground arms market.

7.) Soft Targets are a Favorite. Schools, churches, cinemas – these are where mass shooters strike. Not places armed to the teeth like biker bars or cop stations.

6.) Guarding Against a Police State. Edward Snowden showed us the dark side of surveillance. Our right to arms? It’s the buffer against an overreaching state.

5.) Killers Find a Way. In a world of tight gun laws, a German teen managed to go on a rampage in 2009, using his dad’s gun. Laws or no laws, if someone’s intent on harm, they’ll find their tool.

4.) Civilians Are Sometimes the Calvary. Remember the 1966 Austin, Texas sniper incident? It wasn’t just the police. Armed students pitched in, providing the cover fire needed to neutralize the threat.

3.) It’s Not Just About Home Security. The Second Amendment wasn’t just about burglars. It’s our safeguard against all threats. Without our weapons, any invader becomes a daunting force.

2.) A Slippery Slope of Infringement. Once you put a cap on rifles or bullet limits, what’s next? Maybe they’ll muzzle our free speech or meddle with our beliefs?

1.) A Gun Ban Isn’t a Murder Ban. Take the UK for instance. Post the tragic 1997 handgun ban, did murders decrease? Nope. The rates shot up, peaking in 2002. Lesson? If you ban guns, people just find new ways to kill.

5 responses to “Top Ten Reasons Gun Control Doesn’t Work”

  1. Greg Emery Avatar
    Greg Emery

    Laws are for the law abiding . Not for criminals they don’t follow the law anyway.

  2. Floyd kirk Avatar
    Floyd kirk

    Only a good man with a gun can stop a bad man with a gun

  3. Wayne Avatar

    Without the Second Amendment the other Amendments wouldn’t last a year, maybe two. With the brainwashed kids coming out of college these days, do you really want one of them in charge?

  4. Dave Mungle Avatar
    Dave Mungle

    On point number 4: 4.) Civilians Are Sometimes the Calvary. Calvary is where Christ died on a cross for our sins. Civilians are sometimes the CAVALRY.

  5. mgoode Avatar

    With reference to #3. What do you learn from Oct. 7, 2023? Why were there no guns in the homes and kibbutz targeted by Hamas?

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