Texas Gun Rights Scores a Victory against ATF’s Overreach on Trigger Regulations

Fort Worth, TX — Taking a bold stance against bureaucratic overreach, Texas Gun Rights (TXGR) joined National Association for Gun Rights’ lawsuit against the ATF this August regarding its contentious ban on forced reset triggers — which arbitrarily turned many law-abiding gun owners into criminals overnight.

The case, strikingly reminiscent of Michael Cargill’s victorious stand in Cargill v. Garland concerning bump stocks, asserts that the ATF has flagrantly exceeded its boundaries set by the Administrative Procedures Act.

The agency is accused of distorting legislation and capriciously designating forced reset triggers as machine guns.

TXGR & NAGR, understanding the grave implications for its members and gun enthusiasts, swiftly petitioned the court for a preliminary injunction.

This sought-after legal shield would safeguard those who possess and manufacture legally acquired FRTs, providing a much-needed reprieve until a full court deliberation could determine the case’s outcome.

Echoing the concerns of many, United States District Court Judge Reed O’Connor penned:

“Without immediate relief, Plaintiffs face the looming shadow of civil and criminal prosecution.”

Delving deeper into the suit, he highlighted that the contention lies with various government entities, from the Attorney General of the United States to the very heart of the ATF, all due to the bureau’s expansive reinterpretation of what constitutes a “machinegun”.

In a strong indictment of the ATF’s actions, the plaintiffs challenge the very legality of this redefinition, labeling it “arbitrary, capricious, and in stark opposition to the law.”

With the impending litigation, TXGR fervently sought to maintain the current state of affairs. They called upon the court to issue a preliminary injunction to forestall the ATF from wielding its revised definition, at least until the case could be conclusively settled.

Such preventive measures align with the court’s inherent powers and are sanctioned under 5 U.S.C. § 705.

Reinforcing TXGR’s stance and referencing the Fifth Circuit’s legal precedence, Judge O’Connor asserted:

“Plaintiffs argue that the ATF’s sweeping alteration of the machinegun definition egregiously expands the bureau’s authority, and in all likelihood, they are right.”

Cementing this landmark moment for Texas gun advocates, Judge O’Connor issued a preliminary injunction just yesterday, halting the ATF from imposing its new definition on TXGR & NAGR members, and other key stakeholders like Rare Breed Triggers and their clientele.

This development underscores the unwavering commitment of entities like TXGR to safeguard the rights of gun owners from potential oversteps by governmental agencies.

You can read the full order below:

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