Texas Attorney General Takes Stand against Anti-Gun Discrimination in Contracts

In a move that underscores the Lone Star state’s staunch support for the Second Amendment, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has released a hard-hitting advisory emphasizing that Texas law strictly prohibits government entities from entering into contracts with businesses that discriminate against the firearm industry.

The advisory, which comes in light of heightened national debate surrounding gun rights, puts companies on notice. If they hold a bias against the firearm industry or associations, they may find doors closed to them when attempting to engage in business with Texas state agencies and political subdivisions.

Paxton’s firm stance is clear: “My job is to uphold state law and ensure that Texas remains a friendly state for companies to do business—including those that produce the firearms that secure our safety and freedom.”

This advisory isn’t just symbolic posturing. Citigroup Inc., a financial behemoth, faced direct consequences. The company’s policies, which were deemed discriminatory against firearm entities, have resulted in its current prohibition from underwriting municipal bonds in Texas.

Paxton’s advisory doesn’t just halt at the discrimination against firearm entities. He’s also taking a stand against companies that boycott energy firms or Israel, underscoring the broad implications of the advisory and Texas’ determination to protect its industries and allies.

However, this isn’t about pushing businesses away. Rather, it’s a clarion call for companies to reevaluate and reconsider any policies that might infringe on basic rights and freedoms that Texans hold dear.

Texas has been a bastion of gun rights, and this recent move reinforces that identity. It sends a strong message to corporations: If you stand against the firearm industry, you stand against Texas.

With this advisory, Paxton has positioned Texas at the forefront of the battle to protect the Second Amendment and the rights of firearm entities. Only time will tell how companies will respond, but one thing is certain: Texas is not backing down.

You can read Paxton’s advisory here: https://www.scribd.com/document/678454602/DAILY-CALLER-OBTAINED-OAG-Advisory-on-SB-13-and-19-10-18-23-FINAL#download&from_embed

5 responses to “Texas Attorney General Takes Stand against Anti-Gun Discrimination in Contracts”

  1. Doyle Cousins Avatar

    That’s the right way to do it! Get rid of ALL the companies that discriminate against guns!

  2. Truth in Tension Avatar
    Truth in Tension

    Why is it that all politicians always put Israel first, Ukraine second and the USA maybe third? They all want to protect the borders of Israel and Ukraine but they do nothing to protect the borders of the USA and Texas. Why does the USA have to fund and fight Israel’s wars? I am done voting for the kiss the jewish wall crowd. Keep in mind, the majority of the jewish people in the USA and Texas support extreme gun confiscation. Who is John Galt?

  3. Wayne Avatar

    2 thumbs way up for AG Paxton. It is good to hear this from our top law enforcement officer in the State of Texas.

  4. Harold Avatar

    I was wondering if anyone would standup against their bullying. Corporations need to realize who their customers are and who they are working for. (Stockholders)

  5. Bill Busch Avatar
    Bill Busch


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