Supreme Court to Weigh In on Biden Administration’s “Ghost Gun” Regulations

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to review challenges to the Biden administration’s regulations on so-called “ghost guns.” For context, gun-grabbers came up with this term to scare Americans into thinking that these guns are more of a danger than other firearms. In reality, “ghost guns” are firearms that you can build yourself and are often sold in kits – something Americans have always had the legal ability to do. 

If implemented, the Biden administration’s new rule would require everyday Americans who make or sell just one firearm to apply for a license and comply with all other regulations. It would also broaden the interpretation of what constitutes a firearm under the Gun Control Act of 1968 to include pieces of a gun, such as the frame, not the whole firearm. 

These regulations infringe upon Second Amendment rights. Adding more rules will do nothing to deter criminals. Instead, this rule would punish law-abiding Americans by forcing them to comply with another set of regulations. 

The Biden Administration is also making room for more government overreach and less constitutional freedoms. The Supreme Court should declare the Biden administration’s rule unlawful and uphold every American’s right to defend themselves.

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