Kyle Rittenhouse Needs Your Help

They thought they could break him.They thought they could make an example out of him.But Kyle Rittenhouse emerged victorious from their kangaroo court, acquitted on ALL charges!You’d think the story would end there, right?Wrong.The anti-gun radicals can’t stand to lose, and they’re coming for Kyle Rittenhouse AGAIN, but this time, they’re hauling him into civil court!They can’t stand the fact that Kyle had the audacity to defend himself (against a pedophile no less), so now they’re suing him like there’s no tomorrow.Oh, and if they break Kyle, it’s not just him they’re after.They’re coming for YOU, for ME, and for every God-fearing American who believes in the Second Amendment!I hope you understand what is at stake here, Chris.Civil trials are an entirely different beast.Forget “beyond a reasonable doubt”—we’re talking lesser proof here, and you better believe that’s a playground for the anti-gun elites to wreak havoc.If they break Kyle in this civil battle, they’re not just taking down a man; they’re shattering the God-given right to self-defense for every single American.They’re opening hunting season on all of us!So I’m here to tell you, now is NOT the time to back down.It’s time to dig in, lock and load, and provide the firepower Kyle needs to fight back—financial firepower, that is! 

Donate to Kyle’s Civil Litigation Defense Fund

Your support will make the difference.This is no drill; Kyle Rittenhouse needs your help RIGHT NOW! This isn’t just about defending Kyle; this is about defending America, our liberties, and our unalienable rights. So don’t hold back! Pour in your contributions to give Kyle the legal arsenal he needs to win this war.I can’t stress how much your support means in this pivotal moment. You’ve always been there, standing shoulder to shoulder with us. I can tell you that Kyle is grateful for your relentless support. We’re gonna stop this anti-gun lynch mob in its tracks, thanks to YOU!When tyranny rears its ugly head, it’s heroes like you that stand up and fight back. Never back down, never surrender.

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