Biden’s Gun Control Crusade: Office of Gun Violence Prevention Targeting States

The Biden Administration’s Office of Gun Violence Prevention is intensifying efforts to push states into adopting radical gun control laws, signaling a major federal move against Second Amendment rights. Spearheaded by Kamala Harris, this office orchestrates strategies for gun control at the state level.

The administration’s so-called “Safer States Initiative” outlines a six-step action plan:

  1. Establish State Offices of Gun Control: Promoting state-level bureaucracies to focus on gun control, utilizing taxpayer funds.
  2. Promote State-based Gun Control: Pushing states to fund community anti-violence programs and enforce controversial red flag gun confiscation laws.
  3. Undermine Survivors and Victims: Proposes policies that might inadvertently protect criminals, while removing the obligation of victim cooperation with law enforcement.
  4. Promote Dangerous Storage Requirements: Introduces DOJ’s model legislation for punitive storage requirements, in direct conflict with Supreme Court rulings on self-defense.
  5. Universal Gun Registry: Encourages states to criminalize private firearm transfers and include juvenile records in background checks.
  6. Penalize Firearms Industry: Calls for states to impose liability on gun manufacturers for third-party misuse and ban popular semi-automatic firearms.

This strategy represents a federal encroachment on states’ rights and a direct challenge to gun owners’ constitutional freedoms, further blurring the lines between public safety and political control over firearms. 

The Office of Gun Violence Prevention, while portraying itself as a guardian of public safety, seems more inclined towards eroding the fundamental rights of law-abiding citizens under the guise of combating gun violence.

13 responses to “Biden’s Gun Control Crusade: Office of Gun Violence Prevention Targeting States”

  1. Gary Avatar

    FJB sounds like a POS!!!

  2. Janette Avatar

    With this eventually the only people who have guns will be the criminals who get them illegally their black market or theft those of us who have legally bought guns will have none to protect ourselves during home invasions or on the street if we’re accosted criminally

  3. Fred Hartman Avatar
    Fred Hartman

    This is very anti constitution

  4. Everett Tucker Avatar

    These proposals attack out 2nd amendment but also our privacy rights and let’s not forget the same government officials that want to attack gun manufacturers is the very same government that oversees specs of firearms for public sale also the same government that allows and sets standards of Tabasco which falls in the hands of children and causes more risk , if they really want to stand on their lies of safety

  5. M. L. Baago Avatar
    M. L. Baago

    The concept of “gun control” for private citizens is not sound. The nation already has more guns throughout that no one knows about or where they are. The focus must be on law breakers – not law abiding gun owner that the public doesn’t even know who they are.

  6. Luis Hernandez Avatar
    Luis Hernandez


  7. Jeff B Avatar
    Jeff B

    Where will the government be if someone breaks into my house at 2:00 AM? How do I protect myself and family when seconds count and police are minutes away? People who are scared of guns should not own one. Neither should they dictate to me that I cannot have one,

  8. doug whitmire Avatar
    doug whitmire

    When we get an administration that respects citizen rights and does not pander to special interest groups, illegal immigrants, and criminals, then maybe the Constitution won’t be under constant attack. I just wish more people would pay attention to what is really important.

  9. David Stevens Avatar
    David Stevens

    Communism is alive and well in the USA. The time is overdue that action be taken to rectify the manifestation of communism within the natural borders of this nation.

  10. John Wood Avatar
    John Wood

    It is not about guns but it is all about cintrol. Neve4r trust a Democrap.

  11. Zeke Avatar

    Gun control just assures that the criminal will have guns.

  12. michael cooke Avatar
    michael cooke

    If Biden would worried about our border as much as him trying to disarm the pulbic so he can control us our Country would be a hell of lot safer place to live

  13. Charles Perry Avatar

    Needs to stop and reconsider that everything he’s trying to make a law is only helping the criminals not protecting the citizens. The criminal element are going to get firearms unless he starts passing support allowing the police do their jobs.

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