American Women Embracing Firearms Amid Rising Crime

In the face of mounting crime across America, citizens are rightfully on edge. However, a particular demographic has emerged, ready to take charge of their own safety: American women. Undoubtedly, women have become a formidable force in the gun community, with Jessica Milhans, a respected firearms instructor, revealing to FOX News, “Women are the fastest-growing group of gun owners in America.”

Gallup’s data only strengthens this claim, showing female gun ownership soaring from 15% in 2016 to 22% in 2022, a record since the organization started tracking it about 15 years ago. Contrastingly, states with tighter gun regulations, such as California, seem to miss the message, with moves like Governor Newsom’s decision to double taxes on firearms.

When queried about this rising trend, Cam Edwards, a prominent voice in the Second Amendment community, stated, “In both rural and urban areas facing surging crime, women are ardently pursuing firearm training. They are recognizing their right to defend themselves, their families, and their homes.”

Every day, headlines feature heart-wrenching stories of innocent victims of violence. Yet, they also share tales of brave individuals who, equipped with their firearms, have successfully fended off threats. Edwards rightly points out, “It’s not about promoting violence. It’s about ensuring that every American has a fighting chance to protect what they hold dear.”

The National Rifle Association’s Bill McLaughlin mirrors this sentiment, pointing to the striking 77% increase in female gun ownership from 2005-2020. He emphasizes, “The NRA remains steadfast in its commitment to train all Americans, especially the growing number of women, in the responsible use of firearms.”

Calvin Wellington, a renowned firearms trainer, noted an upsurge in female attendees in his courses, with many reporting an invaluable boost in confidence after their training. One student, Kennette Brown, fervently declares, “We women are far from defenseless. We can, and will, stand up against threats.”

In fact, this new-found confidence isn’t just theoretical. Recent incidents highlight brave women, from Pottstown to Philadelphia, using firearms to protect themselves from assaults and attempted carjackings.

In a world of challenges, it’s invigorating to witness American women rising, fully equipped and empowered, to defend themselves and their loved ones. This is not just about firearms—it’s about reclaiming their rightful place as guardians of their own safety.

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