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Fellow Patriot,

We want to express our heartfelt appreciation for joining us in the crucial fight to defend the Second Amendment in the courts! As the Left increasingly relies on legal avenues to advance their anti-gun agenda, Texas Gun Rights Foundation stands strong in countering their efforts.

At Texas Gun Rights Foundation, we not only strive to defend your rights in the courts but also prioritize the education of gun owners on the importance of the Second Amendment — and teach them how to effectively advocate for pro-gun policy in Washington and Austin. We believe that informed and engaged citizens are powerful advocates for our constitutional rights.

We want to emphasize that your contribution to Texas Gun Rights Foundation is fully TAX DEDUCTIBLE as allowed by law. Your generous support enables us to take a proactive stance in the legal system, whether by advocating for the expansion of pro-gun precedents, challenging unjust gun laws, or providing crucial defense for gun owners who face unjust targeting by ideologically-driven bureaucrats and prosecutors.

We sincerely request your continued support, as it plays an instrumental role in our mission to protect and preserve the Second Amendment. Together, we can educate, empower, and ensure that our voices are heard in defense of our cherished rights. Thank you for standing united with us in this vital cause!

– Chris McNutt
President, Texas Gun Rights Foundation